CharlotteJack Restaurant is a celebration of food, family and friends in a casual, yet classy setting. Our people are the heart and soul. Since day one we’ve worked hard to build, cultivate and sustain a truly exceptional team from all walks of life. Our team extends from the restaurant, to our producers and to the talented makers and artists who have created bespoke items for CharlotteJack Restaurant.

Situated in Devonport, Tasmania - the restaurant derived its name from owners Ben and Sally Milbourne’s young children, Charlotte and Jack, who although are too young to realise the significance, are growing up in one of the most fertile growing regions of Australia. Farm gates specialising in a range of produce dot the landscape with the majority of produce for the restaurant sourced within a 100km radius. Our menu is a tribute to the farmers, fishermen, growers and winemakers who inspire us to do their produce justice.

From farm to fork, our food philosophy runs through every dish we create. Our cooking is not overly technical and tricky – it’s robust and direct – allowing the pure flavours of the ingredients to sing. We’ve enjoyed reflecting this ideal not only through our food and Tasmanian beverage menu, but also through the styling, branding and atmosphere of the restaurant.

CharlotteJack Restaurant is committed to continually improving our impact on the environment. To lessen our footprint, we reduce food scraps with a nose to tail, root to tip menu; send food waste to compost; encourage the use of eco cups and buy compostable take away containers. We also purchase our micro herbs and edible flowers from Produce to the People to support their sustainable social enterprise.

We are truly excited to be creating food that honours and celebrates Tasmania here at CharlotteJack.